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World language exchange platform, providing more diverse audio-visual services

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Ezenhall has office branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, service covering as far as Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. With our global network, we offer a complete range of services to localize your projects globally.

We work with professional translators and editors to provide best translation for your multimedia entertainment products.

In addition to capturing the essence and converting it into appropriate vocabulary, we specialize in adapting your foreign script to a lip-synced dubbing version with language rhythm and familiar speech. Ezenhall provides you one of Asia's best world language exchange platforms.

Capture the soul of the work, professional voice acting

Modern entertainment stimulates the senses via voices and texts. No matter it is advertisement, film, animation, video games, exhibitions or recreational facilities, sound is the soul for all of these.

Ezenhall teams up with first class voice actors around the world, with systematic sound guide and directors to enact professional performance. With broad range of voices and rich sound expressions, we meet any form of sound acting requirement to represent diverse role types by giving them distinctive characteristics and souls to your works.

Grasping trendy technology, up-to-date recording technology

Audio-visual entertainment seeks to present authenticity with higher audio and video quality. From 4K to VR surround sound technology, recording equipment and mixing technology requirements are increasing.

Ezenhall has professional recording studios with cutting edge hardware equipment and experienced staff. We keep up with the ever-changing audio-visual entertainment trends to connect with the world.

Towards a New Future

Ezenhall focuses on market mainstream animation and the gaming industry. Besides continuously improving recording equipment and mixing technology, Ezenhall is planning a voice acting school to implement the cultivation of sound performance and to maintain advantageous leader position in the field. Through integrating world cultures and breaking language barriers, Ezenhall is creating a global audio-visual entertainment industry co-prosperity circle without borders.

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